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No Hacking, spamming, or creating an excessive amount of accounts for one person (excessive would be more than 3 accounts without having an administrator's permission).

No showing ownership for any material that is copyrighted by ANYBODY that is on this website.  For more information about Copyright Laws, please CLICK HERE.

If you would like special permission to redistribute any of my copyrighted materials, refer to the "Contact Us" section of this website.

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No spamming.

No trolling.

No douchbag-ing.

No hacking.

No posting any bad advertising for or this website.

DO post a link to your website!  All of your personal sites are fully welcomed here!

Please talk only about the subject and anything related to the subject. (Example:  BuzzBee Air Blasters are like Nerf blasters, but more cheaply made.)

Make sure that everything that you are talking about is APPROPRIATE MATERIAL.

If you are posting videos or pictures, there is to be no offensive content.  This includes (but is not limited to) HARASSING, BULLYING OR  INTIMIDATING IMAGES/VIDEOS, NO PORNOGRAPHY, AND NO ILLEGAL/COPYRIGHTED MATERIALS (without the owner's permission, and make sure you have proof of the permission you were given to use the content).  If I find that any of the above is posted, I will PERMANENTLY REMOVE YOU from this site, NO EXCEPTIONS. 

DO use HTML coding in your posts (if you'd like)!

Never abuse the rules of fair use and Copyrighted materials.

Always ask a person if it is okay to upload a certain photo of them or photo that they 


Use big words, and remember that knowledge is power!  If you really need some help with reasoning or arguing with another user, you can ask for my help and I'll jump right in and do whatever I can to help your side of the argument, or correct you if you are wrong about something.

If anybody makes fun of you or bullies you etc. either on this website or outside of this website, feel free to either start a forum topic about it or email [email protected] if you'd like help or tips.  If you email me, be sure to let me know if you'd like the email to be in an upcoming video, and if you'd like to use a particular name or keep it anonymous.

DO create a blog forum if you'd like!

DO talk about computer things!

DO talk about video games!

DO tell me if you like this website!  Post a Forum Blog if you'd like to tell me if I'm doing something right or wrong, or look out for the forum topic I posted specifically for feedback.