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~I got a new CPU, motherboard, and RAM for christmas!  I got the AMD 4350 CPU, 16GB of G.Skill 2400MHz RAM, and an ASUS M5A99X R2.0 mobo.  I re-did my Bioshock Infinite benchmark, and now here are the results:

    • Overall results:
      • Avg. FPS:  88.22
      • Min. FPS:  41.56
      • Max FPS:  93.32

~Be sure to check out my DeviantArt page!

~My latest song is out, and it's bound to amplificate through your speakers.  This song's called Amplificated.  Enjoy.

~The Dubstep Mix for August has arrived!  The link is in the bottom right of this page!

~I did some benchmarking of Bioshock Infinite with my XFX AMD Radeon HD 7750.  

Results (On Ultra preset setting w/ DX11 post-processing @ 1920*1080):

    • Overall:
      • Avg. FPS: 14.32
      • Min. FPS:  7.17
      • Max. FPS: 77.64

~Dubstep mix for June has been posted!  Link is in the bottom-right corner of this page!

~Windows 8.1 will be coming in a few months, and will be including the start button, a "boot to desktop" option, and other security improvements.

~I finally posted the new mix!  You can find it at the button to the bottom right section of this page.  ENJOY!

~This is no Lie.  My latest dubstep song is called, "Lies," and is a remix of ASDFMovie6.  Enjoy!

~Still haven't had time to fulfil my promise of having a mix ready for April.  I will get it together as soon as I have the time.

~There won't be a new Dubstep mix for March, but expect one for April.  

~The Videos section of the site has been taken down due to large problems that include (but are not limited to): Lag, computer/browser freezes, computer/browser crashes, internet connection overload/loss, and huge amounts of accidental cell phone data usage. My apologies for the inconvenience.  You can, however, refer to the column to the left to visit my YouTube channel, which contains all of my YouTube videos.  Check it out!

~More news about the XI3 Piston:  Steam is claiming that they aren't associated with the Piston at all!  It isn't going to become the official Steambox, but it will, however, be a very nice little desktop with an AMD 8-core at its heart.  Highly overclockable.  More news to come.

~The new XI3 "Piston" is in production, and pre-orders for them are extremely overpriced at the moment.  For those of you who don't know, this is going to be a Steambox, which is basically a very good gaming PC specifically made for gaming with Steam.  Coming in at $900 USD, you get an AMD A10 APU, 8GB of RAM, and a 128GB SSD.  Or if you'd like, you can get a 256GB SSD for only $340 USD more!  That makes a grand total of $1,240, which is kinda' insane for something of its size.  Sure, you could fit it in your pocket (if you don't mind having a big lump of heavy steel in your pocket), but come on, XI3.  We need an affordable gaming PC for Steam.  When they come out on the market, however, prices are expected to drop, but only slightly.  Be careful what you buy, guys!  [[[LINK]]]

~How much more dubstep do you want?  Just a drop of dubstep?  You've got it.  Check out my newest song, called "Just a Drop" right HERE.

~Moar MIX!  This month's dubstep mix has been posted here!  February has just become a little bit more awesome.  Beware the bass.

~News about video files!  H.265 is coming, with "half the file size, and truly high-definition video," according to  It is going to be designed for files up to 8K video, with file sizes at 8K being the same as h.264's 1080P files.  Now featuring options for new clear OLED screens, it will probably have yet another flaw and ruin every video you make...  I mean, uh, it will rock.  Here at Nibroc99 Productions we really just don't know how a file type will affect our - and everybody else's - video files until we can experiment with the file; different video resolutions, different bit depths, different MBs per second, et cetera.  Anyway,  I'll let y'all know when this is coming about!

~Check out my new series, called "Let's Draw!"

~Step it up.  I put together my first Dubstep mix and uploaded it HERE.  I mean, like, just click this whole sentence and you'll be at YouTube lost in the music.  ENJOY.

~Prepare to drop down even lower in the next song of the album, "Technology, Analog Style!"  Final rendering of the video is taking place on December 27, 2012, and will be posted soon after.  The song is called "Dance" and features the vocals of Nate Lewis.  This is the song that I've wanted to make a reality for four months, and I finally brought the idea to life in Mixcraft by Acoustica.

~Here comes an epic headphones person!    d[*U*]b

~I've made DOWNLOADS for the three Analog Technologies, and I'm working on downloads for more!  Links:

Analog Technology III:

Analog Technology TWO:

Analog Technology:

~In case you haven't noticed, I'm doing a little remodeling on my site.  This is being done with a completely new site editor (provided by, and it has a bit of a new system that I'm trying to configure in such a way that I can let you, the viewer, navigate more easily and effectively.  I'll be keeping you all posted on how that's coming along. 


~IT'S BIGGER, IT'S BETTER...  And it's taking technology to it's analog limits.  That's right folks, Analog Technology is back in Analog Technology III.  I'm going to be posting a video of it up on YouTube as the first song in my new album, "Technology, Analog Style"!  Trust me, it won't let you down.  By the way, I thought that I should probably mention that my very first DubStep song, "NibStep," was only a test to see if I can make a song at all.  My knowledge (KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!!) and experience with Mixcraft has clearly evolved since then.  Beware the bass, guys.  And not to mention, enjoy the song when it comes out.  

***I'm working on download links for my songs, so be on the lookout!*** 

~PENGUIN!!  >>     /)*>*(\


~Bringin' the levels WAY DOWN!   My latest Dubstep is "Lower Levels."  It shall have 
an uprising.   (see what I did there when I just contradicted myself just then)

~BASS IS FUN TO PLAY AROUND WITH...   My latest dubstep is "Playing with Bass."  Have fun listening!

~I am now doing let's plays for Minecraft every other day.  If you have any screen recorder suggestions, please let me know VIA E-MAIL.  I am currently using BandiCam, and no offense to those of you who really like the program, but in my oppinion it is VERY BAD.  It takes up more than 60% of my CPU and 80% of my 4 GB physical RAM.  If anybody would like to suggest to me a new program to use, please send me an E-Mail (check the Contact Us section) and name the subject "Screen Recorder Suggestion".  Thank you!

EDIT:  I MIGHT be getting more physical RAM! 

~The new Videos section has been COMPLETED!!!  It will be updated with every single video that I post on YouTube.  LINK:    CHECK IT OUT!  (whimpers)  So many HTML codes...  [8^| So much copying..  So much pasting...  So much pointless typing in this news section...  [8^)

~Analog Technology has been posted to YouTube!

 **---Mixcraft┬« By Acoustica┬« is a loop and MIDI program, and is basically GarageBand┬« for Windows-based systems.  A link to their website:

~The Touch Screen Desk video is finally finished and published to YouTube!   Be sure to check it out!

~I've devised a plot for a teaser trailer for The Zombie, Episode 7: The End.  Basically, Nibroc and his new companion 'Hog are running down the street.  There is panting and the sound of a heart beating in the background.  After a couple of suspenseful seconds, 'Hog looks back, and Nibroc looks back as well. Immediately after Nibroc turns around, the screen snaps to black and there is a faded scream and gunshot all at once.  The title pops up and the copyright information, credits for the teaser trailer, release date, etc. is displayed.

~Studies have now shown a very important fact about phones:  it is NOT healthy to eat your BlackBerry; no matter how good it tastes, you could really get hurt from eating your cellular device. 

~Great DubStep lyrics!

This image of a hologram in front of my face is the album cover for my new album, "Technology, Analog Style".

      The Cyan colored images that are on my glasses are the HUD (Heads-Up Display), and the blue light stuff is the hologram.

      I actually just used a neat little blue flashlight thingy, shined it at my face, and added the extra images for the hologram and HUD with the blending mode set to "Hard Light." For several files, I had to use the "Soft Light" setting.


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