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Entry #13

Posted on February 21, 2013 at 10:50 PM

Here's what I think about in math class.

Hey, the principal just walked past the door.  I wonder what he's...  Wait a second.  A principal is a princi who is the pal of somebody.  If the princi is a pal, then who's pal is he/she?  Or is it the Princi's pal?  And what is a princi? A German king or something? But Germany does not have a king, but rather a president or something... But how was the word "President" thought of? A man and a woman walk into a tavern in Ireland and say, "Ruler=President in some parts of the world," resulting in a new equasion such as, "r=pw" where R=Ruler of a country, P=president, and w=part of the world.  That equation results in this explanation:  The ruler (R) is equal to a president (P) in (W) part of the world.



Get it?

Got it?


The end.

Nibroc99 Signing off.


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