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Entry #14

Posted on March 4, 2013 at 7:25 AM

Sup, Broski? So, I'm gonna start calling my audience "Rocers," pronounced " Rockers." You know, just take the n"Nib" off of "Nibroc" and make it a present-tence noun. Simple enough.

      So, I'm trying out the demo of FL Studio. It's much more professional than Acoustica's Mixcraft, and opens up the MIDI controls beyond my curent understanding. No tutorials, though; I'd like to learn on my own how to use the program. Until I figure it out, however, I'll be using Mixcraft. It's not bad for what it does, but I need a better MIDI system so that I can make better drum loops and even more intense bass drops.

      In other news, you can probably see that I'm adding even more stuff to my site, such as new copyright information, a new navigation bar at the bottom of the home page, and a new gradient-type background.

      Also, I will soon be making a new GMail account specifically for questions and answers. Even ask me to do an After Effects or Photoshop tutorial. I'll be posting the address in the "Contact Us" page of this site. Really, thouh, ask me anything, as long as it is a legitimate question orcomment that you wouldn't mind me reading on a show on YouTube. Let me know what name you want me to call you, or if you want me to say that the message was sent anonymously.

BOOK RECCOMENDATION! I recently read the amazing book called "Looking for Alaska" By John Green. It's a really great read, involving last words, new friends, hot girls, complete morons, hot girls dying, drama, romance, knowledge, humor, and so on. Be advised that fhere are alcoholic themes, use of tobbacco, sex, and swearing involved in the book. I reccomend this book to middle schoolers and high-schoolers.

That is all.

Nibroc99 signing off.


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